Applications for Drone Tower Inspections

A drone tower inspection provides High-Resolution pictures of every tower component, antennas, brackets, and cabling. The pictures are then viewed by a tower expert. Drone drone tower inspections are scheduled for several reasons:

1. Reqular Maintenance

Tower owners should perform initial and periodic tower inspections and maintenance. ViTel Consulting provides tower inspection services that meet the maintance requirements as specified in CSA-37-01.


  • 2-year visual inspections
  • 4-year Guyed Tower physical inspections
  • 5-year Self Support Tower physical inspections
  • Structural Analysis Tower Mapping

2. Damage Assessment/Repair

If a tower is damaged, a drone could be deployed quickly to assess the damage and allow the deployment repair crews in a shorter period of time, reducing the overall outage period.


Completing a tower inspection using a drone requires getting up close to view it through its high-definition camera and providing details that were not available using manual inspections.

Benefits include:

1. Reduced Cost

Ultimately, the choice of making the switch to drone technology is a matter of cost. Since a drone only needs a single operator and can be deployed in minutes, companies can save on manpower and logistical expenses.

2. Higher-Resolution Visual Inspections

Compared to manual inspections, drones produce much higher quality of visual information that is analyzed to determine the overall condition of the tower and antennas.

3. Increased Safety

The resulting loss can be measured in dollars if a drone crashes, not in life or livelihood. The less time a person is on a tower, the better.