Public Safety Communications

Alberta’s Public Safety Communication Networks include Fire, Police, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies. Each of these agencies have implemented separate communication networks which are based on different standards and radio frequencies and do not interoperate. Interoperable public safety communications between each of these agencies is integral to a response to an emergency event. Of all the problems experienced during disaster events such as 9/11, one of the most serious problems is the interoperability of public safety communication networks.


Public Safety Communications Consulting 

ViTel Consulting works with rural muncipalities to complete Public Safety Communication studies. The outcome of a study allows a rural municipality to develop and implement a Public Safety Interoperablity Strategy.


Communications Briefs and Papers

Alberta's Public Safety Communications Networks
Public Safety Interoperablity Strategies (Under Development)
Important Sites
Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group (CITIG)
Public Safety Alliance
Public Safety Canada
Alberta Health Services EMS Consolidation
Project 25
Alberta's First Responders Radio Communication System (AFRRCS)
Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance

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