ViTel specializes in the planning, design, construction, and administration of Multi-Tenant Communication Towers.

Since 2007, ViTel has successfully built fifty (50) Multi-Tenant towers for Parkland, Brazeau, Lac Ste Anne, Saddle Hills, and Yellowhead Counties.

Tower Management Services:

A. Co-Location Applications and Installations

1. Act as the initial point of contact for new co-location inquiries
2. Develop and maintain a custom fillable co-location application.
3. Liaison directly with co-location tenants to identify their requirements and prepare co-location lease agreements.
4. Contract Structural Tower Analysis (STA)
5. Coordinate co-location tenant installation and verify that riggers/techs are certified.
6. Schedule post-installation inspection and remedial work for deficiencies.
7. Update and maintain tower documentation.

B. Co-Location Adds/MovesChanges/Removal

1. Act as the initial point of contact for co-location tenants.
2. Document adds, moves, changes, and equipment removal.
3. Contract Structural Tower Analysis (STA)
4. Coordinate adds, moves, changes, and equipment removal and verify that the riggers/techs are certified.
5. Schedule post-installation inspection, remedial work for deficiencies.
6. Update and maintain tower documentation.

C. Drone Tower Inspections

ViTel provides tower inspection services that meet the maintance requirements as specified in CSA-37-01.

D. Unscheduled Events

Windstorms, mechanical damage to guy wires, fires, and other unscheduled events can create a requirement for tower inspections and repair.


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